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SPEED Information Panel

Speed Information Panel or Measuring Panel are known vehicle speed psychological retarders.

Brief system description
Information panel to measure vehicle speed is used to display the speed of through-travelling vehicle on large scale display.
It provides driver of a vehicle approaching or passing the panel with the information about its speed, and will thereby cause the speed to lower eventually.
Driver’s reaction will in most cases be affected by his/her sense of the speed he/she should actually drive at, within the given segment of the road. After he/she sees his/her real speed differs from the regulated one, he/she then normally slows down since at that moment he/she will not be quite sure whether his/her driving speed is being measured or not, along with the recording made or in the presence of police.

Why to strive for speed limit in a village?
A village is characterized by the presence of pedestrians in the road and at pedestrian crossings.
Breaking distance of a vehicle:
According to the police statistics, a car driving at a speed of 50 Km/h will stop at 28 meters since critical situation has been recognized.
At the initial speed of 60 Km/h, this track is 37 m long. Just these different 9m may decide about his/her life or death or rate of injury.
The distance is by about 5m or 7m *) even longer on wet surface.
*) At 60 Km/h

At a speed of 50 Km/h the chance of survival will increase threefold than at 60 Km/h.

NWK Technology company has been producing these devices since 2004.

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